Excel Add-in

embonds allows market makers the ability to upload their prices in real time to the platform with the use of our Excel Add-in. Once you have installed the Add-in you can download one of the sample pricing sheets from the menu on the left and you can start publishing right away.

Please note that for safety we require that you are logged-in to the platform when you are using Excel to publish your prices. If you log out of the platform while using Excel price publishing, your prices will be removed. In order to publish your prices you need to generate a token in the settings section of the platform and paste this token in the pricing sheet. If another user from your organization is also publishing prices on the platform only the latest price is taken into account. You can only publish one indicative or one firm price from Excel but not both. However, using the GUI you have ability to enter firm prices at multiple levels.


To install the Excel Add-in please choose the appropriate version of your Microsoft Excel installation. An Add-in is available for the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions of Excel. To find out your version of Excel, in Excel you can go to

File > Account > About Excel

and view your installed version there. Alternatively you can also download both versions of the Add-in and try to install the Add-in. Only one version of the Excel Add-in will be accepted when you attempt to install.


Before you use the pricing sheets you will need to visit the Setup worksheet and set the required environment

  • Go to Setup worksheet
  • In the field Required Environment type:
  • Click on Set Required Environment
  • Please ensure that after this you are able to see the EMBonds Add-In Path and that the Current Environment is displayed correct values.
  • If you are testing the system on uat.embonds.com please follow the above process but in the Required Environment enter

Excel 32-bit Addin
Excel 64-bit Addin